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Medical Insurance in the USA

Medicine in the USA is expensive. An ambulance call costs from $50. Medical examination – from $30. Hospitals do not save on equipment, so it is expensive to be treated.

Medical expenses are the first cause of bankruptcy of individuals in the United States. More than 60% of bankrupt citizens owe their deplorable position to expensive ruthless medicine. Moreover, three-quarters of these bankrupts were insured. Therefore, insurance is still better than paying the bills yourself.

Insurance must be issued for all family members, including children. Most states have insurance programs for children that are paid by the state and charities. For a child to receive such insurance, he must be a resident of the United States under the age of 18 and must meet the conditions of the insurance company. Children’s insurance usually includes the services of speech therapists, oculists, and dentists.

There are also free insurance programs for the elderly and poor. These are Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is pegged to age. The second one can be obtained if your income is very low. Pregnant, foster children up to 26 years old and large families can count on help in paying insurance.Medical Insurance in the USA

How much is medical insurance in the USA?

The price of medical insurance, the amount of compensation depend on the terms offered by the insurance company. At the office of the insurance company, you will be offered several rates, based on your age, income, and state of health. If you do not have insurance, you will pay a fine when you discover this fact. Insurance must be available to all US citizens.

There are several types of insurance plans come:

  • Platinum, the insurance company pays 90% of the costs, the monthly premiums are the highest.
  • Gold, insurance covers 80% of the costs.
  • Silver – 70%.
  • Bronze – 60%.

There are minimal insurance plans. You do not spend a lot of money, but only the most important medical services are compensated. This is a tariff plan for young and healthy, the insurance will not work at a minimum rate with those who are often sick.

How does health insurance work in the USA?

When seeking medical help, you spend the first money up to a certain amount yourself. This is called a deductible. After this amount is spent, the insurance company compensates for part of your next expenses. The percentage that insurance pays is called co-insurance. Sometimes this is not a percentage, but a fixed amount for each service, this is called co-payment. Each insurance plan has a maximum amount that you can spend on treatment yourself, after which the rest is paid by the insurance. This is called an out-of-pocket limit. There is also an annual limit. This is the annual limit for the insurance, that is, the maximum amount per year that the insurance can pay for your treatment.

So, the essence is: you pay the first money for hospital services until you spend the agreed amount. Further insurance helps you pay up to the next agreed amount. After this amount, the insurance takes all payments upon itself. And if there is no annual limit, then you will be treated at the expense of insurance, and if so, if you exceed it, pay yourself again.

How much does health insurance in the USA cost? What does it cover?

The higher the monthly insurance premiums, the more favorable the conditions for you. The average price of insurance for an adult per month is $250-$350. A family consisting of 4 members spends a thousand dollars or more on insurance. This is a tangible expense. Unfortunately, not all Americans can afford a full insurance policy.

Often, employers offer insurance. The conditions are different, but on average you can count on a basic policy with the ability to buy insurance for your family members cheaper than directly with the insurance company.

Health insurance, as a rule, covers the services of a therapist, examinations, preventive procedures. Standard policies do not cover the specialization of, for example, an ophthalmologist or dentist. Cheaper insurance allows you to be treated only in a network of doctors who work with an insurance company. Then a visit to another doctor costs you more or is fully paid by you.

Minimum insurance covers emergency care, visits to the therapist, preventive procedures (physical examination and tests made 2-3 times a year), a short stay in the hospital.

The most expensive insurance is for those who are sick a lot. For some diagnoses, for example, severe renal failure, the state assumes all insurance payments.